There is a time when history begins; a time when those who live feel the need to write their story, for those who come after them to read. When recollection of events of importance cannot be left to one's offspring alone, but must be shared with all.


Then there is a time when history transcends into legend; when strongly held beliefs are tried by fire, and traditions are questioned. There are beginnings that truly are beginnings and those that were only thought to be.


This is that world; this is truly their beginning.  What they thought was knowledge, was only a foundation.  They will delve into a depth they have never known, discover things they never thought imaginable, and struggle to uphold the truth rather than be consumed by it.  With magic in its infancy, and a world in turmoil, an endless chain of possibilities lie dormant.  Rousing them has the potential for paragon or chaos, and only time will tell.


Just as Leonardo da Vinci has mapped out the human body, and the world has begun to discover the mysteries within, so it is on Archana.  With the rudimentary structure in place, they now have what it takes to discover what magic can do; both the mundane and the divine.  Lore begins in these days, and mythology will forever echo their names.

The Wand-Maker's Debate