Jack always wanted to be tall, muscular, and talented with a sword. Since he was unable to convince mother nature to give him height or muscles, and he has no desire to lose what looks he has in a sword fight, he invents worlds where people are less shallow and swordplay is commonplace.

He can be spotted having his toe nails painted by his daughter, talking to his dog as though they understand each other, or having an argument with his cat. It's no surprise that talking animals have made their way into his works.

His stature lends to him begging his wife to retrieve top shelf items for his use. Similarly, he was once spotted begging Ashley Delay to write a book with him because he could not write women realistically.

In spite of his helpless nature, he is surrounded by an amazing array of talented women, beginning first with his mother who knew how to raise a man to respect women. She taught him to love to read by waking up early every morning to read her bible.


Favorite scene to write: The conversations between Gus and any of the reasonable people he encounters!


Favorite character: Gus and Pebble!

Jack D. Albrecht Jr.