The Weaving of Wells

OsricsWandBook4_Nook cover.jpg

"The fourth book kept me as enthralled as the first three, and I cannot wait for the next book in the series! All of my favorite characters are back, the action is intense, the world-building is beautiful, and the story is a perfect escape!"

​Understanding the wand of prophecy will not be enough...

Osric reveals the mystery of the wand only to discover that there is still much to learn about all varieties of magic.

As Dredek executes his plan with the aid of a dark spell, war is unavoidable. Yet the Aranthians are threatened by an even greater foe. Facing battles on two fronts with several realms requesting aid, will Osric be able to hold out against unbeatable odds?

When the ranks of the Aranthians prove too thin, Osric must remodel the very architecture of the world.

Archana will never be the same.