The Well of Strands

The wonderful story continues, all the characters you love are back for more adventures. I recommend this series and can't wait for the next book! ~Connie Rock

There is a new master Wand-Maker on Archana, and he could be the key to understanding every mystery -- if only he would come out of hiding. Meanwhile, a new arrival brings yet another magical artifact into Osric's hands. Seeking the answers it may contain brings valuable knowledge and terrible danger.

The war is beginning, and Osric's small force may be the only hope of the irua race surviving. He must find a way to cope with his broken heart and rally his troops in time to save them.

Now, with love torn apart by prophecy, Bridgett must follow her own path as she seeks to help Osric succeed. Can she change the tide of the war, or will Osric lose the very essence of his being as he battles the forces that threaten their world? Dredek's motivation is revealed, and the mystery of the wand is finally solved. Will they see the answer in time for a difference to be made, or will the dark wizard be too powerful to be stopped once his plan is in motion?