Ashley Delay



Ashley strives to live each day to the fullest with an abundance of clichés: Learn something new every day, never stop dreaming, learn from mistakes, stop and smell the roses, believe the best in others, and embrace the power of positive thinking. 

Writing is one of many endeavors Ashley currently pursues, and it is one of her greatest joys. A lifelong passion for reading has  driven her to delve into her own imagination and create stories of life, love, loss, and limitless possibilities. Writing fantasy allows her to explore new worlds and get lost in the creative escape of world building. She loves watching the unfamiliar landscape develop on the page and getting to know and love the characters that reside there. Every chapter is a new journey and a new opportunity to learn more about herself and her imaginings.

Thankfully, although she is late for almost everything, Ashley thrives on deadlines. She is a busy mother, wife, professional, business owner, and writer who dreams of someday finding that elusive treasure called “free time.” In the meantime, she will continue exploring the many worlds she finds herself in each day.


Favorite scene to write: The gathering of the clans!


Favorite character: Machai