Dear Reader,


                 In the coming days and months you can expect to see the binding and creation of The Archives of Archana. A grand collection of people, places, and powers that will only serve to expand your knowlege and love of our world and characters.


For now we ask that you simply close your eyes and imagine the adventures to come.  In closing we leave you with a quick sneak peak into book three!




“So, you’re recruiting?” Eager excitement grew on Orson’s face as he questioned the group.

“Not nearly to the extent that your rumors have informed you, but there have been many newcomers to our humble beginnings.” Osric broke through his enthusiasm with a somber tone, but it did not deter Orson.

“Oh, come now. You have a barber, and this lad mentioned scholars.” Orson motioned to Kenneth. “And not that my mind is focused on one thing, but he appears to be a bit heavier than I expected to see based on Ero’s description -- so you have to be fed well, which suggests a fine cook. If I’m not mistaken, the prairie-dog on your shoulder is the most famous Wand-Maker in the world. Now you want me to believe you are a small organization bent on overthrowing a corrupt government?”

Kenneth stopped his approach just outside the barrier to the training grounds surrounding the barracks. He stood smiling, and Osric shook his head at the playfulness in his demeanor. He could sense the reveal that Kenneth wanted. He had something better in mind, but first he had to set it up.

“What do you think of our humble establishment?”